Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Players and Teams Waiting to be Discovered

For those of you who likes to keep a tab on the best teams and players outside the test and ODI arena, this is worth a read.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Blasphemous Worship

Let's ask ourselves the reasons we work,
The reason why life seems nullified and stuck.

Why everything is secondary while it commands parity,
Why life seems less important and seemingly belies sanity.

Why do we work ourselves to oblivion of nothingness?
While life flashes by and resembles discontented trivialness.

Why you force yourself into a routine of pain,
And this pain slowly becomes a part naturally engrained.

Why you can't appreciate the beauty and pleasure life has to offer,
And confine yourself to the realm of a self-deprecating coffer.

Why can't you escape it clutches of relentless pursuit,
And why follow a string that tugs and pulls you on cue.

Why follow a master who plagiarizes your triumph,
Why chase the vagaries of a perjuring truth.

Why the means of life is cascading towards your road to doom,
Why doom, when it comes, resembles as if heaven loom.

I don’t know the answer maybe your are the unforeseen herald,
And bring in the news that allows us to finally celebrate and revel!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life or Treason

Life does seem to be in vain when:---------------------------------

Festivities brings despair and grief,
Companionship brings only temporary relief.

When love seems a chore in pain,
Every reason seems an exercise in vain.

When every laugh resembles a luxury,
And joy becomes a reason for perjury.

When motivation is a distant realm,
And frustration hovers at the helm.

When office is more cherishing than god's name,
And loneliness is more rewarding than any price or fame.

When you seem older everyday and couldn’t care less,
And every healing touch and concern seems worthless.

When every act of compassion resembles pitiful charity,
And your daily archaic lifestyle only brings anger and anxiety.

When your daily ambition is aimed at achieving sobriety,
And the moment you emerge seems reality too feisty.

When a dream seems so real you want nothing else,
And when death promises more and life emancipates hell.