Friday, May 3, 2013

Is India kowtowing to the Chinese?

It’s been days since the Chinese have infiltrated sovereign Indian Territory and set up camp miles inside the LAC. How were the Chinese able to hoodwink Indian defenses and encroach undetected into Ladakh - a geopolitical hotspot - that is considered to be highly sensitive and strategically pivotal - and why is the establishment coy and covertly dismissive of the threat at hand?

This incursion is again a jolt back into reality to the imminent threat posed by our ominous neighbor and a precursor to the audacity and dastardly ambitions of the People's Liberation Army.

It also calls into questions the preparedness of our brave soldiers in the frontiers and how well equipped they are to handle the prospect of a mild skirmish or a full assault by the overly obtruding giant with whom we share a 4,057 km border - majority of which not tension-free.

It is time that we the citizens of this great land let our ‘so called’ leaders realize that we will not be submissive to the battle of attrition being waged here and be sucked into a psychological tussle leading nowhere - fueled and abetted by the false pride of Chinese hegemony and the communist party.

India has to take a firm grip and not let its pride slip under the guise of diplomatic morality. We have to ensure that the prestige and safety of our country is safeguarded at all cost. If the government, along with their paraphernalia of ancillary think tanks and stash of strategic experts – who have failed us repeatedly thus far- are not able to address the issue to the complete satisfaction of us the citizens, let the more willing and the capable take over and show result over empty rhetoric and showcase concrete actions over debilitating bravado.

Jayant Jagtap -

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