Friday, June 11, 2010

Cricket Australia considers new 40-over format

Australia is all set to revolutionize the 50-Over per side by splitting it into two innings each. That means watching the Great Sachin bat twice and enjoying the sight of Steyn charging-in in two different innings in one day. Wow!!! That's an exciting prospect. Cant' wait.

Cricket Australia considers new 40-over format

Monday, June 7, 2010

Makhaya Ntini - On a Mission to Unearth more hidden talent!!

Link: Cricinfo Article - Worth a Read!

Go Ntini go. We as lovers of quality cricket have always craved high-quality crickets like the hay days of old when quality cricketers seem to be produced from every country with alarming ease and there was a real battle to be called the number one. The production line seemed to be exhausted for some reason, even in South Africa, a country that gave us some real gems. Also, the number of colored cricketers is not great and you see a lot of quality white cricketers leaving the country sighting unfair selection process. This seems to be doing no good for anyone.

Anyway, good luck with your initiative Makhaya. Let us hope we'll see more cricketers exhibit the same spirit and commitment that you displayed with distinguishment. Can't wait to see a big, tall, fiery fast ballers emerge from the Rainbow Nation and beyond. It can only help cricket as a whole. Nice Article!