Friday, April 27, 2012

A person who never quits with a true grit, I bring you, "MY FRIEND."

________My Friend this poem is dedicated to you, with a heart so pure and a soul so true.
You stand tall and firm in more ways than one, your humbleness and humility is only still second to none.

A leader of equals and a steely friend in need, you make no difference between statures, background or human creed.

You are an individual with a penchant for discipline but with passions galore, a true gem of a man as though straight out of folklore.

A natural manager with an eye for numbers with a genuine artistic flare, who holds values and principles above all which is a quality too rare.

You are one who believes in performance but who still makes sure to care and share, and someone who’s omnipresent for his colleagues just like life sustaining air.

You place emotions and relationship before ambition, always wanting the best for the people around you as if like tradition.

You are someone who people look up to more than most, so to you my friend in respect and admiration, I raise a toast.

You Rock________. All the best and God bless!!!!!