Sunday, August 15, 2010

Me, and the new Change!!!!

Almost everyone I know is weary of sudden change,
Inclined towards caution when faced with transition.

Every step is conservative and carefully calculated,
Guarded against any wrong moves or being manipulated.

It may seem as if these apprehensions are bordering on panic,
However, you suppress these feelings and conquer any reason.

Usually, this is how things go, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.
Somehow this transition felt pleasantly homely without much try.

It didn’t know what did the trick but I didn’t complain,
Everyday things got better and my lethargy started to drain.

It is now clear that it was the wonderful people who helped subdue my negativity,
Who made me feel secure and confident with their kindness and selfless propensity.

A realization soon struck me as to why change is constant and growth a necessity,
Why change is a precursor to progress and a feeler for our destined prosperity.

Today I feel part of something bigger and part of a greater whole.
I believe a bond now runs through us caressing all our tethered soul.

We all believe we are poised towards attaining something genuinely great,
Working towards a common dream as a team where everyone participates.

There is a positive spirit that I sense but cannot yet fathom,
A drive that urges all of us to push beyond our immediate horizon.

I’m proud to say that no goal nor dream seems a bridge too far,
Now, that I stand shoulder-to-shoulder as part of ‘Team Morningstar’.