Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jonty's Successor ?!?!

Sybrand Engelbrecht, remember this name folks. Looking at his performance in the Under 19 World Cup at the beginning of the year, many experts have touted him to be the next fielding sensation to emerge from the fielding production line that is South Africa.

The agility and the sheer energy and joy that Engelbrecht brings to fielding, (yeah, I too find it hard to pronounce the name, to fielding is what draws immediate attention and the likeness to Jonty.

Today I hang my head out and proclaim that the name of boy, who is still in his teens will become a household name in the cricket world in the not too distant future. And officially this is my first, call it proclamation or prophecy. Amen!!1

Hopefully we'll he'll be able to come close to Jonty thereby allowing us to revisit and relish the high standards set by the magician Jonty. His catch against Pakistan in the second semifinal of the Under 19 World Cup is just a pointer to what this boy is capable of. I hope he improves on the other aspect of his play and the whole world can see him in action. Soon, very soon!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mumbai Rising!!

Mumbai will not forget the unfortunate and the brave,
We will pursue those responsible to their destined grave.

With the will of steel our Mumbai will soon recover,
All the villains who meant it harm will run for unsteady cover.

Those who decided to hurt Mumbai and test its metal,
Be prepared to hear the sound of the impending death rattle.

Forward we will march with great passion and fervor,
Our unstoppable progress resembling a rampaging river.

Let all doubts be put aside and questions kept in check,
Soon the mighty hand of justice will hang over your guilty neck.

Even god won't come to aid for you are doomed,
Your fate has been written and eternal hell loom.

Your actions will come to haunt you even after your death,
There is no salvation here right until your final breath.

Soon you will feel the wrath of a silent but deathly uprising,
Be prepared for your downfall and witness Mumbai Rising!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Keeping the flame raging for 'Our MUMBAI'

The biggest challenge I think for all of us is to make sure that this
fire that is raging within us keeps raging for as long as the culprits, who perpetrated such a hideous and inhumane act on the Indian Soul is brought to justice.

We should keep applying the same sort of unrelenting pressure on our politicians and the security agencies handling the investing to make sure that they don't let their guard down.

One lapse on their part could mean that we could be back to square one. Take Pakistan for example, the swiftness of their action was induced more by our vigor to see actions on the ground and our unwavering commitment to see proactive measures against those responsible inside the country, as against Pakistan's sincere willingness to nab these sponsors of terror. This should be reason enough to keep our guard up.

To make sure that the recent action from across the border is not an eyewash and part of well planned delaying tactic from our inhospitable neighbor, it's imperative that we, the citizens of this great nation maintain our vigil, and let them, the people responsible for this, know, that any lethargy or disinterest from their
diplomatic, intelligence or enforcement channels are being closely watched.

It is not only the government agencies of India who are keeping an eye on the developments inside our country and in those countries that harbor antisocial elements with the intention to harm India, it is the people of India, the whole one billion plus of us who have taken it upon ourselves to see that any inaction by those concerned will be reciprocated by our counteraction.

Keep talking, discussing and spreading the word about the way we feel and how important our active participation is for fighting this evil is, which will help us in keeping this flame alive and raging until we see concrete, plausible and long-term results in the life lead.

Some ways that this can be done are:

• Making sure that our government doesn't forget our patience is not
an indication of indifference or a result of a lackadaisical attitude.

• America is a facilitator and not a dictator of any course of action
that we may chose to employ.

• Making sure that all the concerned parties are aware that our
democratic principles are our strength and not a weakness.

• We will not be fooled into thinking that immaterial and
unsubstantial measures will quench our desire to see outcomes.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bravo to Team England!!!

The England Cricket team have done a great service to cricket and especially Indian cricket by agreeing to tour India under the current climate. They have shown real heart and in some respects, 'real bravery' by choosing to come to India and proving a point to all those who wanted to maim cricket and hurt India.

Although it would have been very easy for the England team to have stayed home and enjoy a unscheduled holiday, they decided to come back and test themselves in arguably the toughest tour to visit due to various reasons as the Australians found out recently.

So, this initiative by the England and Wales Crick Board, and especially the players invites for some words of approval and appreciation. And I was only too eager to oblige.

POMS, i use this word affectionately and not disparagingly as by the Australians often have, who, i would like to add have often wilted under the same pressure. My hats off to you all great bunch of lads.

All the best to you in India's tour, and may your performance live up to the obvious potential that you have.

For the first time in my life, i say, 'GO POMS'

Friday, December 5, 2008

What you mean to me??

Your thoughts can free a million dreams,
Your wish can unleash a 100 streams.

Your beauty can maraud any might breed.
Your care can conquer all of the words greed.

Your touch can overcome any mighty sword.
Your company can bring one closer to almighty God.

Your smell can bring heaven to shame,
Your desire can give life to a 1000 flame.

Your desire can lead to numerous quests,
Your rebuttal can leave salvation bereft.

Your curves can disturb nature's parity,
Your love can return a deluded to sanity.