Thursday, January 31, 2019

If You Are Nice, It’s A Responsibility To Finish First

We have all heard of the adage that nice people finish last, which has been hammered into our consciousness. But what it really should read is nice people should consider it a responsibility to finish first.

We should not just consider it something to achieve if we could, but give it the added incentive & active drive to leave no stone unturned and realize the goal of not just finishing among the top but right at the pinnacle.

Now, you must wonder why add the additional pressure of making success a responsibility, right? Well, allow me to list some points that could make your success something that provides that extra bit of motivation that’s the difference between finishing first or being amongst the obscure, unrecognized effort.

Nice Guys All Over The World Deserve Better Examples.

We are bombarded with stories of success and accolades of people who have accumulated wealth, fame and glory, by finishing first among equals, but not for the right reasons, nor by employing the right means.

These stories do nothing to inspire the nice fellows who are trying their best to be better whilst upholding the most underrated of traits, of being good. So as a consequence, the more dopey the athlete, the more cruel the industrial baron, the more manipulative the pilferer, the more philandering the celebrity, or how abusive the tycoon etc, etc, they are nonetheless portrayed as the best example of inspiration for the next generation, which only leads to more of them for us to endure.

The list could go on and on, but just wonder, wouldn’t we be better off if we could focus less on the Narcos & Breaking Bad of the world and focus more on the Keanu Reeves among us... perhaps not the best example but you get the drift. So all the nice guys, be good and finish first, becoming the example that inspires millions or even just one.

Give The Other, Somewhat Maleficent Folks, Something To Think About.

Films & other popular media is filled with good giving it back to the bad guys & coming up trumps, overcoming all adversities & emerging the champions of all that’s pure and pristine. But the fact remains there aren’t many stories in real that - particularly the nice folks in question, the impressionable youth, and the perpetual optimists – fill us with zeal and passion for the possibilities at hand.

In fact, it does the opposite. It offers encouragement to the less desirable elements, the not-so-needed sorts, an extra boost for reaching the top and without having to worry about too much about the cost of their action on people who are less fortunate but indirectly also have consequences on nature and history as a whole.

However, if the good guys rally by aiming for the top spot, chances are there those undesirables might not get their own way always or even they might be dissuaded from using nefarious ways to the top, or in fact, just by luck, they will be turned into one of the good guys... maybe, just maybe. Isn’t that a good reason to work towards being the best without worrying about what has transpired up till now? So, go on, be Rocky, of the real kind.

Be Nice & Let Your Success Really Matter.

Just imagine that you are nice, finished first, and you achieved this adhering to all the goodness that success is at liberty to allow. Then there is no limit to the good that can be done in every single part of the beautiful creation we are part of. Your success not only makes you famous, earns your laurels and rewards, but could affect positively your family, friends, society, nature, animals etc, depending upon the success that you aspired for, and the drive you had to make it a reality. Your simple mission to be yourself and aim to be the best could possibly change the world. WOW, right?

So next time when you are trying for the zenith in the area of your interest, and you genuinely consider yourself to be among the good guys, just remember, don’t just do it for yourself, but do give it a bit extra for the other good guys looking up to you in anticipation.

Also, remember to not let the extra responsibility of making your success a reality be a detriment on yourself, because by being good you are already good enough... so go you.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Republic Day 2019 - Creatives & Designs

Happy Republic Day From Team B K Birla Public School Kalyan.   
For Us, India will always be A+ in every aspect of our life. Let us continue to make it prouder and grander every day.      
#HappyRepublicDay #RepublicDay #India #Unity #Diversity #Equality #Pride #Grand #Love #Constitution

When You Write Our Right Just Right - The Constitution Of India.              
Let's Protect & Strengthen Our Constitution As It Constitutes Our Rights, Responsibilities & Indianess.   
#constitution #india #love #unity #equality #greatness #bharat #hindustan #republic #rights #responsibilities #privileges #write

Happy Republic Day from Team DK Realtors.      
We Are United, We Are Together... We Are India. May we build on India's greatness with unity & equality.              
Have great day everyone.           
#RepublicDay #India #HappyRepublicDay #Love #Unity #Equality #Greatness #Bharat #Hindustan #Republic

This 70th Republic Day, Let’s Preserve The Culture Of Humanity.               This 70th Republic Day, Let’s Show Unity in Diversity.             This 70th Republic Day, Unfurl The Greatness Of India.  
Have A Great & Happy Republic Day.

Happy Republic Day from Team Arabian Petroleum Ltd.
May we hold on to India's greatness with love, unity & equality.               
Have great day everyone.           
#RepublicDay #India #HappyRepublicDay #Love #Unity #Equality #Greatness #Bharat #Hindustan #Republic

Happy Republic Day from Team Rutu City.           
India - Our Home, Our Pride... Thank you for all the care, love and privileges. With your nurturing, we are happy & full of enthusiasm for the present and the future.       
Have a great day everyone.

Rutu Group Of Companies I Rutu Kalyan Half Marathon I Rutu MahaSanskruti - रुतु महासंस्कृती I Rutu park I Rutu Riverview Classic I Rutu Riverside Estate I Rutu City Richmond         
#RepublicDay #India #HappyRepublicDay #Love #Unity #Equality #Greatness #Bharat #Hindustan #Republic #Education #Knowledge #Health #Happiness #Home #Proud #Success #Future       

Happy Republic Day from Team B K Birla College Of Arts, Science & Commerce - Autonomous, Kalyan.   
Let's Unity In Diversity Continue To Make Us Stronger More Prosperous. Have A Great Day Everyone.  
#HappyRepublicDay #RepublicDay #India #Unity #Diversity #Equality

One Thing That Never Drains - Our Patriotism for India.
Happy Republic Day Everyone.

#RepublicDay #India #HappyRepublicDay #Love #Unity #Equality #Greatness #Bharat #Hindustan #Republic #Enerdy #Power #DrainProof #Charge TechKans Media ShyBuzzzz

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Social Media Posts, Greetings & Designs for Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal, Uttarayan

No Matter Our Excuse For Divisions, Nature & Agriculture Will Continue To Unite Us. Happy Festivities Everyone.
Stay United, Stay Bountiful - Team ShyBuzz.

Let's Celebrate The Joy Of Festivities & The Pride Of Valour On This Glorious Day. Have A Great Celebration Everyone. Be Proud, Be Happy.

May our life be so full of hap-peaness that its wonder is never til-gul. Happy Makar Sankranti guys.
'Tilgul ghya, goad goad bola.' - Team TechKans Media

Team Arabian Petroleum Ltd. wishes you a very Happy Makar Sankranti & Army Day.
On this hallowed day, may our pride, security & traditions keep soaring with honor & glory.

Happy Makar Sankranti From Team Rutu Group Of Companies.
May We Continue To Savour Serene Happiness With Prosperity, Health & Success.

Happy Makar Sankranti From Team B K Birla Public School Kalyan​.
May Our Joy Keep Coming Together Perfectly, Strengthening Our Unity & Togetherness Always.