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Top honeymoon destinations in 2015

A leisure traveller, a history buff or a die-hard romantic, honeymoon planning can be baffling for many couples. There are a lot of factors and elements that need to be considered before making a final choice. Considering its importance and the unique place it holds in etching life memories, we bring you a list of top honeymoon packages in 2015 for honeymooners that does justice to the special occasion.

Paris: For die-hard romantics

Paris is the setting of numerous love stories and has been an iconic destination when it comes to romantic experiences. Take your love to new heights and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city atop the Eiffel Tower. You and your sweetheart may take a stroll along the streets of Montmartre. This neighbourhood has seen artists like Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. Over the Seine river, on the Pont des Arts bridge, street musicians play melodious tunes. It offers a marvellous view of Île de la Cité. Roam in the gardens of Luxembourg Palace where Napoleon spent countless days with his lover. If you are an adventurous couple, we recommend you to take a hike to the replica of Tivoli’s Temple of the Sybille and spend romantic moments on the cliff overlooking the city.

Best time to visit: April to June

Fiji: For sun, sea, and sand lovers

A walk down white sandy beaches to experiencing the serene waterfalls in lush green forests, blissful starry with the one you love, could you image anything more romantic? If you can, then you most probably mean Fiji. Your dream honeymoon begins the minute you land in Fiji’s tourism capital, Nadi. A short ride away is the Sabeto Range and the renowned Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a collection of tropical orchids that houses beautiful plants and lovely walking trails.

Nadi is a culturally rich place with influences from India, Southeast Asia among others. The Hindu temple of Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple is a popular destination of tourists in Nadi or enjoy a romantic fly around the beautiful islands that dot Fiji’s splendid landscape.

Fiji is often referred to as the ‘soft coral capital’ of the diving world and you can put this claim to the test with the numerous diving sites in Beqa Island enjoy the rich marine life of eels, octopi, squid, turtles & whales. What can be more romantic than shopping for some of the finest pearls in the world cultivated from Savusavu Bay.So many creatures – diverse, strange and symbiotic, waiting for your visit.

Best time to visit: June to October

Turkey: For couples looking to rewind and discover romance in the pages of history

A unique unison of Eurasian culture, Turkey is among the top tourist destinations in the world for its colourful kaleidoscope of culture, leisure and unbridled romance.
Turkey is not only a tourist favourite, but also makes for an idyllic romantic experience with its scenic marvels, cultural delights and traditional attractions, that combine modern amenities with exotic joys. It has a rich assortment of world-class resorts and beaches, great restaurants, lively nightlife, museums and 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites to choose from, which you cannot say for many other destinations.

Popular destination in Turkey includes, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, popularly known as the Blue Mosque and the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. If you fancy the romantic Mediterranean coast, then Antalya and Marmaris is an ideal destination to visit. To enjoy the ancient wonder of this rich land, visit Cappadocia, Side, and Ephesus. Soar high in the skies with a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. Feel famished, why not indulge in the hot springs of Pamukkale or go fishing, diving or yachting in the tourist town of Kas, or spend a romantic evening at Lara Beach in the city of Antalya city. If you prefer an offbeat location, then enjoy water sports in Konakli town. Some other places that honeymooners will enjoy are Beldibi, Goynuk, and Denizyaka to name a few.

Best time to visit: May to June

Romantic getaways for New Year

As avid travellers know well enough, New Year planning begins well before the clock strikes 12 on 31st night. The pursuit of New Year destination at this time of year is hallmarked by scouring through every handy source to make sure your selected destination outdoes all others.Being pressed for time, we are in an ad hoc frenzy putting together an experience that creates moments that endure and trumps the highlight reel of memories we can look back fondly to. The first part of this quest is finding the perfect setting to usher in the New Year, which like we all know, is often the trickiest.This is especially true when our search is for the most romantic getaways where romance mingles with celebration and love embraces jubilation. There is no room for complacency and second-guessing decisions is a tripwire better avoided.

To make life a bit easier, here are our top picks for the most romantic getaways to celebrate your New Year with your beloved. Either there is a visa-on-arrival facility available for these select locations or they are close to home where you don’t require any passport or visa!

1. Indonesia (Visa On Arrival)

Known as the last paradise, Bali in Indonesia, is a pristine unison of sunny beaches, lush forests, scenic meadows & worldly comforts. It is a special place that stays true to its getaway appeal, yet has all the luxury that we may desire, setting the scene for a beautiful story where romance only thrives.

Bali is a treasure-trove of earthly delights that ranges from arts, transcending dance, sculpture, painting and music, adding all the more charm and romance to your New Year getaway, no matter if you chose to spend it in the embrace of nature or amidst the razzmatazz of a beach party at Kuta Beach.

You may prefer spending your time visiting Pura Luhur Uluwatu, the renowned sea temple, or relish the Dolphin sightings at Lovina. If you are a pair of brave-hearts, then hiking Mount Batur is definitely your thing. Embrace the New Year by taking in sights of the first sunrise from this volcano. Choose your pick, and let romance hit new highs in Bali, Indonesia.

2. Thailand (Visa On Arrival)

When it comes to parties, Thailand knows it the best! Be it a street party or a full moon beach party, from razzle-dazzle to overwhelming fireworks, no other place in Asia can party better than Thailand. For the best in party and glamour, visit Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok and Koh Phangan. For crazy dancing, colourful fireworks and celebrations galore, Thailand is the best place to be. A romantic ambience envelops the air throughout the celebration. The icing on cake is the Visa on Arrival facility for Indians. So, get your flight tickets to Thailand and go on a party spree! Check out our Thailand honeymoon tour package and go ghoomne!

3. Maldives (Free entry Visa On Arrival for Indian citizens)

If starry nights, on an intimate beach, far away from the cacophony of civilization, with only pure beaches and the Mighty Ocean for company is what romance is to you, then you are definitely in the stunning Maldives. It has a myriad of delectable experiences to choose from, be it breathtaking diving, exciting water sports, scenic excursions, vitalizing spa and wellness.

Recommended places to visit in Maldives include the Bluetribe Moofushi Diving Center, the Alimatha Island in Vaavu Atoll, the Banana Reef or even the National Museum among others. Treasure every moment of love with your partner, be it with a candle light dinner at the beach or swimming among the coral in turquoise waters, or may be walking down the sandy bliss hand in hand, set yourself as your romance quotient hits new highs in Maldives this New Year.

4. Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of kings and queens, renowned for its mesmerizing forts, beautiful palaces and enchanting arts and culture, is an idyllic romantic destination that has long been a favourite among the rich and most famous celebrities. The captivating palaces of Jaipur, the lakes of Udaipur and desert forts of Jodhpur, Bikaner & Jaisalmer, it seems as if time has stood still in a mesmerizing, yet strikingly romantic setting.

From the Pink City of Jaipur, to the religious town of Ajmer, to the hill station of Mount Abu, to the caves from Jhalawar District, to the Ranthambore National Park, to the pilgrimage haven of Pushkar, the stage is set for a romantic New Year, where all you need to do is immerse yourself in its splendour.

5. Kerala

Picture yourself away from the New Year humdrum, on still waters and palm trees underling the shore, backwaters of Kerala are all this and much more. Call in the New Year with a romantic experience in the lap of mother nature, where the blissful twitter of birds and cold breeze greets you with arms wide open. New Year in Kerala is not only offbeat and romantic, but also discreet and silent hushed by nature’s beauty. Check out our Kerala honeymoon tour package to get free honeymoon freebies.

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Campaign Case Study of Rutu MahaSanskruti 2015 - A Cultural Festival in Kalyan, Thane.

Brand/Property: Rutu MahaSanskruti

Client: Rutu Group of Companies

Agency: ShyBuzz

Premise: Rutu MahaSanskruti intended to celebrate Maharashtrian culture by giving a platform to revive and promote the cultural treasures of Maharashtra and provide its glorious folk arts the pedestal it deserves on the special of Maharashtra Day, May 1st, 2015.
Its mission was to use all the latest marketing mediums long with the most creative expressions to carve out a niche for the event in the heart and minds of art connoisseurs and general public at large. To seamlessly bring together technology, artistry, and marketing for the overall welfare of Maharashtrian Folk arts was its raison d'être.
Responsibility: ShyBuzz was asked to contribute as Brand Consultants, Digital Media Strategists, Branding Partner and Creative Evangelists.

Conclusion: In the end, Rutu MahaSanskruti was a huge success. ShyBuzz was proud to be part of such an enterprising and noble endeavour.
ShyBuzz looks forward to doing its part, working in tandem with all our partners, in making Rutu MahaSanskruti one of the most prominent events in India.
Here's a synopsis of the Case Study:


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Campaign Case Study of Rutu Kalyan Run 2015

Brand/Property: Rutu Kalyan Run
Client: Rutu Group of Companies
Agency:  ShyBuzz

Premise: Rutu Kalyan Run was positioned as the first ever timed run to be held in Kalyan City, Maharashtra, India.  The client wanted to bring together two important elements of wellbeing – Health and Cleanliness.

Requirement: ShyBuzz was asked to contribute as Brand Consultants, Digital Media Strategists and SEM & SMM partners.

Approach: The first challenge was to create a communication strategy that was direct, easy to understand, had mass appeal, and still said all that had to be said without being too preachy, loud or long. It was also challenging to get this message across through all the verticals of our marketing strategy as succinctly and creatively as possible.

Logo: We first began with a logo that was inspired by the colour of prosperity and wellbeing, which coincided with our communication premise of health and cleanliness being important components of wellbeing. The logo highlighted fitness that running gifts us along with the importance of cleanliness in safeguarding and preserving this precious and well-earned health we have.

Tagline: Clean Kalyan, Healthy Kalyan’

We needed a tagline for the event that went well with the message of the event, complemented the logo, and was a direct portrayal of the purpose and spirit of the event. Another catch lines we came up with was, ‘Clean On, Run On’ and ‘For Health, For Cleanliness, For Kalyan,’ which were to be smartly used across all verticals of media, in keeping with our communication strategy. The tagline proved to be the buzzword around which the strategy of Rutu Kalyan Run was built.


Creating a website for the event - - brought along with it its own set of unique challenges.  The site was to be up live in a week with all the details we had at present with updates to be done at a moment’s notice. It had to have the information yet maintain a clean and uncluttered look. A site that balances elegance with vital information but is yet accessible across multiple devices.  We achieved all these parameters and the site was commended for its look, content, accessibility and updates.

Facebook Page:

Social media - and in the case of Rutu Kalyan Run, primarily Facebook - was to be the cornerstone of Rutu Kalyan Run’s Marketing and Communication strategy.  We wanted the page to not only drive registration and participation, but also be a medium that informs, engages and encourages positive action.

ShyBuzz chalked out a comprehensive strategy that was a true harmony of posts that fostered information about the event, educated about fitness and health, and propagated the importance of cleanliness and health in Kalyan and beyond.

Conclusion: In the end, Rutu Kalyan Run was a huge success. ShyBuzz was proud to be part of such an enterprising and noble endeavour.

ShyBuzz looks forward to doing its part, working in tandem with all our partners, in making Rutu Kalyan Run one of the most prominent events in India in the domain of health and cleanliness.