Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Birthday My Sister...

Oh my dear Sister you are a true wonder of splendour,
A beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, that's both steely and tender.
You are a true mender of the broken and a pillar of strength to us all,
You are our motivation, making sure we resume stronger just before we are about to stall.

You are our science and our width,
Our geography, history and our life’s length and breadth.
You have taught me so much sister without knowing,
You have guided me throughout even without saying.

Although I am too lazy to believe in the divine and keep delaying,
But I still take comfort in the fact, that for me, my lil sister is still praying.
Although you have achieved much and already made us proud,
We still want you to keep achieving the greatest and embrace the cloud.

You have always been more mature although you were little,
Guiding us through times that were tough and brittle.
With you around life is so simple and always a pleasure,
You are clean by heart and your love without any measure.

We fight, we play, but you are constantly there by my side,
We have been to places and back together and it’s been a wonderful ride.
But don't let the limitations of the mundane hold you back and hinder your stride.

You have always been smarter and understand the world's mysteries more than me,
I still would like you to keep rising above the normal and keep bringing the naysayers to their knee.
Today is your birthday sister and I would give the world if I could,
I will make good on all promises and I am sure you trust me I would.

Have a great day sister and I wish that all your dreams come true and are surpassed,
May God Bless you with all in his power so kind, so blissful and so endlessly vast.
It's a mixed feeling as today we are separated by a sea of the water, papers & laws,
But I am sure our love for each will remain like no other, no matter the claws, cause or clause.

Just remember you are the greatest, the finest, and the gloriously mighty
I am sure you will always be happy as you remain the favourite of everyone, including the almighty.
Can't wait to see you again my darling sis,
Till then be blessed with all the bliss.

Happy Birthday Dear! Take Care and God Bless. Love You Sonu!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Creatives & Designs

All said and done, no home feels a home without mothers.
  Make sure to make it as special as you can.

"You are the light in our darkness, you are the best way every step of the way - Thank You Mother"
Go make this special day all the more special for the most special person in our lives.

    Our Tribute To The Greatest Love On Earth - Mother & Mother Nature.

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The reason our first memory is often the best we ever have - Happy Mother's Day. It is truly love at first sight. Go make this Mother's Day truly divine.

                         Fate is what Mothers think best for us, destiny her will, successes her prayers, and  triumph her blessings - Happy Mother's Day.