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Ganesh Utsav, Ganesh Chaturthi

Mother's Day




Women's Day & Food

Children's Day



Ganesh Utsav, Ganesh Chaturthi

Krishna, Janmashtami

Eid Mubarak

5th June, World Environment Day

Mother's Day

1st May, Maharashtra Day.

Voting, Indian Elections, Democracy.

Easter, Jesus, Christianity, Faith.

Women's Day, Equality, Unity, Fairness.

Valentines's Day, Love, Togetherness, Life.

New Year, Celebrations.

Human Rights, Equality, World, Unity, Respect, Peace.

Save the Girl Child, Navratri, Festival, Life.

Gandhi, Non-Violence, Peace, India, Mahatma.

Ganesh Utsav, Ganesh Chaturthi

Freedom of Speech, Speak Up, Freedom.

Freedom, Conservation, Earth, Protect.

Krishna, World, Janmshtami, Watching.

Maharashtra Day

Voting, Indian Elections, Democracy.

Women's Day, Femininity, Homemaker, Elegance. 

Christmas, Spirit, Christmas Tree, Merry Christmas.

Abdul Kalam, Rocket Man, Vision, Commitment. 

Sachin Tendulkar, Legend Farewell, Cricket.

Independence Day, India, Patriotism, Heartbeat.

Summer, Heat, India, Mumbai.

Onam, Kerala Festival, Malayalam.

Most Surprising Facts About Food - Did You Know This?

1. DYK a half-cup of figs has as much calcium as a half cup of milk.

2. DYK Strawberries are the only fruit which has seeds on its outer skin.

3. DYK Banana is a herb and Tomato is a fruit.

4. A row of corn always has an even number.

5. DYK it is customary in China to celebrate birthdays with noodles and not cakes.

6. DYK Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing French Fries to America.

7. DYK Potatoes are only 20% solids and 80% water.

8. DYK eating a lot of onions will make you sleepy.

9. DYK in Japan they have square watermelons because they stack better.

10. DYK cocoa beans were once used as money.

11. DYK ripe Sesame Pods burst open at the slightest touch, scattering their seeds which is the reason behind the phrase...

12. DYK the hotter the chili pepper, the healthier it is.

13. DYK the French referred to the Tomato as the "Apple of Love." 

14. DYK Microwaved grapes tend to explode. 

15. DYK a study has revealed Avocados to be the world's most nutritious fruit.

16. DYK storing potatoes with onions makes them rot quicker.

17. DYK eating garlic was thought to keep mosquitoes away. 

18. DYK more than 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold on Valentine's Day. 

19. DYK rubbing butter over pots' edges stops milk from overflowing.

20. DYK Peach was the first fruit eaten in space.

21. DYK mixing Sindoor with Flour gives you a natural red Holi color.

22. DYK 40% of the world's eggs are consumed in China.

23. DYK Bananas wrapped in plastic lasts four to fives days longer.

24. DYK to give mashed potatoes a creamy consistency, stir in warm milk.

25. DYK Oregano means, 'Joy of the Mountain.'

26. DYK a mango tree can grow as tall as 100 feet.

27. DYK Napa Valley celebrates 'A Mustard Festival,' to mark the Mustard Season.

28. DYK Turnips turn green when Sun burnt.

29. DYK the oldest evidence of soup is from 6,000 BC.

30. DYK according to the Guinness World Records, the world's heaviest Watermelon was 121.93 kg.

31. An egg will age more in one day at room temperature than in one week kept in the fridge.

32. DYK Honey never goes bad. Archaeologists have tasted 2000 year old jars of Honey found in Egyptian Tombs. 

33. DYK you need to wash hearty vegetables with a stiff brush under running water if you want to eat the skin.

34. DYK if you cut a Pomegranate in half and peel it in water, the seeds float.

35. DYK for rich, creamy dressings made healthy, substitute half the mayo with Greek-style yogurt.

36. DYK Pineapples are classified as Berries.

37. DYK humidity, light and heat will cause Herbs and Spices to lose their flavor.

38. DYK when chopping Herbs, toss a little salt onto the cutting board to keep the herbs from flying around.

39. DYK an easier way to cut brownies is to use a plastic knife.

40. DYK one Pomegranate can hold more than 1000 seeds.

41. DYK when boiling eggs, adding some salt with keep the eggs from cracking. 

32. DYK ripe cranberries will bounce like rubber balls.

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