Friday, December 21, 2007

"Taslima must return, no more pressure on Nandigram farmers"

Bengali intellectuals who recently took part in a huge march here to denounce the recapture of Nandigram have floated a platform for a set of demands including immediate return of Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen to Kolkata, and no further pressure on farmers ofNandigram for industry.

"Enough injustice has been done to Taslima by the state government. Now both the State and Central governments should see to it that the writer can return and live in Kolkata with honour and dignity," theatre actress-director, Shaonli Mitra, the spokesperson of the platform 'Swajan' said.

"We need to know where she is. She might have been under pressure to withdraw three pages of her book 'Dwikhandito'. I do not hold it as her defeat," said eminent thespian Bibhas Chakrabarty, also a member of 'Swajan'.

The uncertainty over Taslima must end immediately, said another theatre personality, Arpita Ghosh.

Referring to Nandigram, Mitra said that pressure on farmers for setting up industry in the area might be mounted again once the CRPF was withdrawn from there. "The administration knows very well the hurdles of Nayachar, the alternative site for the propsed chemical hub.

"Under the circumstances, we want to convey the message to the people of Nandigram that 'Swajan' is with them. We are regularly keeping contact with the local people. No decision can be be allowed to be imposed on them. Consent cannot be engineered," she said.

For Singur, all eyes were on the Calcutta High Court verdict due this month, Mitra said.

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