Friday, December 19, 2008

Mumbai Rising!!

Mumbai will not forget the unfortunate and the brave,
We will pursue those responsible to their destined grave.

With the will of steel our Mumbai will soon recover,
All the villains who meant it harm will run for unsteady cover.

Those who decided to hurt Mumbai and test its metal,
Be prepared to hear the sound of the impending death rattle.

Forward we will march with great passion and fervor,
Our unstoppable progress resembling a rampaging river.

Let all doubts be put aside and questions kept in check,
Soon the mighty hand of justice will hang over your guilty neck.

Even god won't come to aid for you are doomed,
Your fate has been written and eternal hell loom.

Your actions will come to haunt you even after your death,
There is no salvation here right until your final breath.

Soon you will feel the wrath of a silent but deathly uprising,
Be prepared for your downfall and witness Mumbai Rising!!

1 comment:

Kans said...

Hey great effort dear! Though the poem is emotional, it gives you the strength to fight against terror. Very well choreographed. you are keeping the fire raging...