Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Memories Mean?

Life is a concoction of memories accumulated in random,
events and episodes either planned or that transpire in unforeseen tandem.

The more memories you hold onto signifies a life well spent,
memories are one's true evidence of success and its only genuine testament.

Don't let life be left in cruise control and allow it become all but mechanical,
don't ignore the spirits of celebration and let life assume a sabbatical.

Be instinctive and cherish the uncertainties with fervor and passion,
and witness the wondrous joy of life that grows greater every season.

If we only could appreciate what life has to offer,
what it has in store in its unassuming and viscous coffer.

It is important to recognize that life is an art of living and not just an excuse to exist,
and if survival is presumed primary above all, then life is nothing but a glorified forfeit.

1 comment:

Madhu Nair said...

adding meaning to your life is the only way one can go ahead...truly, life is made up of fond memories....thanks for making us realize..!