Saturday, July 14, 2012


Reaching our office floor every day,
Something always strongly pulls my mind away.
To go through the glass door into my office,
Or to go to the gallery and enjoy this wonderful bay.

Many buildings here, getting this one was really nice,
Many small offices here, getting the whole floor is money's might.
Thirteen storeys here, only six with galleries so bright,
Lucky we are to have gotten the floor just right.

Looking one side, I see the amazingly beautiful Vashi skyline,
Looking the other, the calm sea makes my heart and soul feel fine.
Looking down below, the lush greenery pleases my eye,
Looking up above, the wide open sky takes my breath high.

The chook chook gaadi going into the sea,
and safely coming out forthright.
Planes and choppers taking a sound flight,
still makes me glee like a little kid with delight.

The romantic moon smiling lovingly over me,
and stars from my childhood twinkling bright.
Strong wind in my face, sight filled with soothing yellow light,
Can't say in words the way this scenic beauty looks at night.

Smoking zone for some, chatting alone for some,
For some to get a clear phone signal this seems the way.
But for me it's a dream of dreams,
Of having a home with a view like this one day.

Amen !!!

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