Thursday, March 10, 2016

Campaign Case Study of HeyTaxi! (Hey Taxi), Bike Sharing/Hailing/Parcel Delivery App , Mumbai.

Brand: HeyTaxi! (Hey Taxi)
Client: krdts, Inc. Transport
Agency: ShyBuzz
Role: Brand Activation Agency.
Deliverables: Logo, App Designing, Stationery Designing, Website Designing , Content Editing, Ideating, Proofreading, Icons, Online & Offline Banners/Posters etc.

Note: Deliverables, designs, or any other part of the deliverables mentioned in the case study might as of today changed, furthered, adapted, improved, removed or bettered, and ShyBuzz would like to caution everyone to take cognizance of these changes when considering the past, present and future state of these deliverables.


ShyBuzz got involved with HeyTaxi! during the initial stages of its brand building and brand activation exercise. Although the idea and the mechanism of the concept for HeyTaxi! was in place, the brand’s visual identity, brand positioning, brand personality, brand harmony, i.e., its entire look and feel, yet needed to be envisaged and put in place keeping in mind all the parameters, functions, purpose, unique proposition and practicality of this unique endeavor. Following which, all this needed to be adapted and customized for all the respective medium and communique, with the central focus being the all-important App, developed individually for iTunes and Google Play.

ShyBuzz was tasked to work with all the established stakeholders of the brand, including the owners, mentors, developers & brand consultant to come up with a brand identity that transcends the usual yet is zippy, sharp and appealing to the target audience of the brand which were the fast moving urban young who was on the move, through astute and analytics driven brand positioning. Every single component of the brand identity was thoroughly brainstormed with no minutiae of the overall brand elements being ignored or bypassed, and every member of the team playing their part by way of their input and advice.

Brief: The logo needed to encompass all the following parameters of being Modern, Appealing, Unique, Coherent & Attractive.

After creative deliberations, planning and consideration, ShyBuzz, along with the entire team involved with the endeavor, came up with a logo that represented all the values and raison d'etre of the brand, yet imbibed all the virtues of a modern, appealing and engaging logo.

App Designing

Unique Opportunity: Designing an app throws up a whole new level of relishing challenges that makes for a very exciting and learning work that combines creative flair with realistic technical limitations and practical considerations, with a wholly different set of specification and rules for Andriod and Apple versions of the app.

Everything from the splash to the navigational icons, to the reset button to the scroll slider, designing an app turned out to be a fine balancing act of creative expression and technical realism. Although it was a tightrope of a plethora of variables, it turned out to be truly enlightening and enriching with every member of the team putting in that extra to achieve what was needed and expected.

Brief: The app design needed to be user friendly, discernible, with easy navigation, whilst being attractive and pleasant that uses attractive icons and imagery that adds to the overall look of the app. It needed to improve the accessibility and intrinsic manoeuvrability within the app. Also balance the beautiful designs and functionality yet seamlessly integrating it with the technical nuances and inherent practical applications of the app.


Brief: The stationery needed to be true to the brand which followed a minimalist approach, with a clean, precise and appealing aura to it.


We at ShyBuzz realised right at the outset that HeyTaxi! was a truly enterprising project that was an opportunity to create something unique and substantial. It is for this reason that every facet of the project was meticulously planned and executed.

Every deliverable had a clear approach towards its final realisation with every individual component of the process being given due credence and utmost attention to. Right from its conceptualisation to the artwork, feedback, furtherance to finalisation, was handled with a very high level of professionalism and detailing.

Talent from across the creative spectrum lend their hand in ensuring we were creating something that was right at the cusp of excellence and nothing short of it, and it was precisely this mind set, backed up a dedication to achieve the best, that attained truly distinguished results right at the pinnacle of the standard that we judge ourselves by.

 Keys to Success

At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, it was truly an amalgamation of unobtrusive yet diligent teamwork that formed the backbone of this successful endeavour. The entire team was truly happy to see the favourable feedback our work had received from the media and the user. Ever since the launch of the brand/app, it has garnered steady media attention, attaining greater traction, with evermore attractive features and functionality being added to it at regular intervals.

The keys to the success of the brand activation campaign of HeyTaxi! was the coming together of bigger, better, and smarter ideas seamlessly for the betterment of the branding initiative.  It was an epitome of excellence realised through a common vision that superseded immediate results and prided itself on achieving longer term, tangible legacy everyone can take pride of.


The HeyTaxi! project was all that we had initially envisaged, and was also much more. Right from the initial meet to the final official launch of the brand, it was a pleasure of plenty that combined artistic brilliance with cutting edge technology; that united spirited entrepreneurship with ardent professionalism, working together and paving the way for something special.
We are sure HeyTaxi! will continue to grow from strength to strength and build a pride of place in the industry, and importantly, making a difference in the life of many. ShyBuzz was proud to be part of HeyTaxi! and proud of what we achieved.

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