Sunday, June 5, 2016

World Environment Day 2016 : Theme - Fight Against the Illegal Trade in Wildlife

The future of all the beautiful animals in the world is in our hands. On the day of Environment Day, let's make sure they have a beautiful future too and say no to the illegal trade in wildlife.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, let's dedicate ourselves to Save Oil & Support life. Join Team Arabian Petroleum in this endeavour as it is only when we take care of the environment, along with everything it provides to sustain humanity, can our future be truly secure & prosperous. Have a great World Environment Day everyone, and remember, Save Oil & Support life.
This World Environment Day, let's fight against the illegal trade in wildlife. The magnificence of our nature deserves to be free and not shackled & abused by greed and evil. With the extinction of every species, humanity and environment dies a little too. Let's protect one and all of nature's marvellous creations.

In this Game of Thrones & Trophies, Annihilations of Species is the Real Shocking Certainty. This Environment Day, let's commit ourselves to fight against the illegal trade in wildlife and protect our environment.

The Splendour of the Environment & Its Wondrous Animals Are... NOT FOR SALE.  This Environment Day let's lend our support to the fight against the illegal trade in wildlife to protect and preserve the environment that's all too precious for our future too.

This is definitely a race we don't want them to finish - the race to extinction. This World Environment Day, let's commit ourselves to do all we can to protect, revive and secure the future of our nature and all the creatures and animals that call it home, just like we do. It's time we act before it's too late, before some of the most marvellous part of nature disappear and are all but memory.

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