Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Oh Ammamma, My Grandmother... I Miss You So.

When we say native place, it always meant where our grandmother is,
The sight of her open arms on our arrival remains our greatest bliss.
All other relatives were surely full of delight that never wither,
But the genuineness of grandmothers' affection has no other.

Her care for us was so, we called her mother twice, Ammamma (Grandmother in Malayalam)
Our good so was paramount to her, her answer was always yes, never even might.
Her smile was so divine, feeling spiritual for that moment didn't seem so tough,
Really never saw God in his true form, but I guess grandmothers are close enough.

She sacrificed so much for us, we really couldn't express what we felt yet never said,
If only God could turn back time and give that moment to open our mind & heart by whispering... go ahead.
Her stories, her blessings and the gentle stroking of our hair still feels to be with me now,
No matter how many trips I have and how many memories I collect, won't be the same ever how.

Although she left for heaven at a time I finally could have expressed all I could,
My last words with her are something I would change for something much better, yes I would, I would.
She always gave what she had without ever wanting anything else, maybe besides a call or a small visit of love,
Yet never couldn't spare that moment, but I loved you to the core Ammamma, and await your embrace when I visit you up above 

Love You, Miss You So Much Ammamma.

(Dedicated to my Grandmother - Thangamani Amma)

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