Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Social Media Posts, Greetings & Designs for Children's Day on 14th November

This Children's Day let's continue to make the best use of education to shape our present and script our future. Happy Children's Day to you all. Have a great day everyone.

This Children's Day let's also remember all the vulnerable kids in our society who are left to fend for themselves. It is up to us to do what we can to help these children in need whose future is uncertain without the right care and support.

Let's continue to light up our today and make our tomorrow all the more inspiring. This Children's Day let's make the future of our children brighter and better than ever. Have a great day everyone.

Just like our society, it is only when we build our present right by doing the best for our children that we can sustain a prosperous future for us all. Happy Children's Day from Rutu Group Of Companies.

This Children’s Day let’s also remember the children who are most vulnerable and uncared for in the streets of India. It is upon us and the government to ensure their safety and allow them a better chance at life. Happy Children’s Day Everyone. Let’s treasure what we have and care for those who don’t.
This Children's Day let's ensure children never have to choose between work and education by saying no to child labor.
Happy Children's Day from Team Arabian Petroleum Ltd.
This Children's Day Let's Vow To Support Child Adoption.
Gift One Present, Secure Many Futures - Happy Children's Day from Team ShyBuzz.

Say No To Child Labour As Children Deserve Schools & Not Factories.
Let's nurture childhood, not break it.

This World Day Against Child Labour, let's stop this injustice to mankind and we all have a part to play to make it happen.

#WorldDayAgainstChildLabour #ChildLabour#Childhood

This Children's Day let us set an example for our future to follow and surpass. Happy Children's Day everyone.

#ChildrensDay #Children #NationalChildrensDay#India #BalDiwas

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