Friday, January 9, 2009

Salvaging a Lost Cause??

Although the Israel and Palestinian conflict has been subject to all the metaphors and clinches one could think off, one can't resist oneself from coming up with a new one everyday. After the UN resolution asking for a ceasefire was effectively rejected by the two parties, I have coined some new terms that define the present scenario, which are, a Joke' and a 'Disaster'.

The United Nations and all the other so called world bodies which are supposed to ensure just and a long-term solutions to conflicts and prevent suffering and persecution of the effected population, is today made out to be nothing but a big, bloated, ineffective and a sad 'Joke.'

It's as if the Joker [The Security Council] goes through his endless ritual of antics, and the audience [Isreal, Palestine and the US], choses to ignore and laugh off their endless attempts [UN Resolutions] to draw their attention. I wonder, have these parties concerned decided to turn the entire conflict [The Most Dangerous in the World] into a big Circus, and are those affected by nothing but the props and paraphernalia that is just there to amuse and play around. It's hard to come up with a better description than, what a joke!!

The much touted and celebrated 'Peace Plan', the brainchild of the President Bush and Prime Minister Blair has ended up as a big 'Disaster. The plan which was supposed to ensure security, peace and hopefully a solution to the conflict only helped to delay the inevitable by the showboating and chauvinism brought on by the sheer rhetoric. But the cost of waste of precious time has only resulted in sparking a war among seemingly unmatched adversaries. Here,s there is only one winner, the casualties are much more than the statistics reflect.

The repercussions of the current incursions and the preceding and reactionary rocket attacks are sure to be felt around the world. The extremists of the world have just found a voice to support what they call the the Holy War to protest the Muslims. An entire generation is being brought up on the diet of bloodshed and hate. That doesn't augurs well for the coming generation. The children of Israel and Palestine are going to blame us for letting them down, and we are going to be left no answers to their question.

I know, me writing this won't achieve much but i needed an avenue to speak out. And this is it. So when you around the word 'Joke' and 'Disaster', you know there are more to it that what it seems.


gayathri-vishwanathan said...

I agree over the fact that the current generation is being raised upon values such as hatred and violence. A recent article in Times of india stated that pakistan textbooks have history lessons that propagates 'Hate India' philosophy. It's sad. The UN resolutions and all that are nothing but just some points that have been written in papers. Mere condemning of such ghastly acts is not the solution.


The biggest tragedy of the whole episode is peoples life are being taken so lightly. It is nothing more than stats for most leaders. As we discuss this,people there are dying in their hundreds. It can't get much frustrating than that. I wish we had some more influence in world affairs!!

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lost_scotoma said...

Peace can never occur after war... peace occurs when there is peace around... war is just a filler...