Saturday, February 14, 2009

Days of our Lives

There are days that stay and days that go,
Some fails to fade but slowly grow.

Some moments wither and leaves a blemish,
And some that get richer and you'll always cherish.

Some days brings anguish and others bring ecstasy,
While others that turn sheer nightmares into pure fantasy.

Some days are a symbol of death, anguish and destruction,
While others celebrate life and give reasons for celebration.

Some days you want to forget and others you want to stay,
And days you want to revisit and want to return everyday.

If only you knew what the day could bring,
You would have prepared for almost anything.

It is the uncertainty that gives you reasons for sanguinity,
Takes away the gloom and help your retain your sanity.

So treasure the days that come and hope for the best,
Or you'll end up making it as bad and distasteful as the rest.

So go ahead and live the day the best that you can,
Don’t hold yourself back cos of any god or a religious mad man.

Happy Valentines Day

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