Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lessons from Iran Missile Launch

The launch of a satellite into orbit by Iran, arguably the greatest enemy of the US is among the numerous bad news that the US has been rocked with in the recent past. This is another bad news the US could have done without and another headache the new Obama administration didn’t need. This launch also highlights one of the many failures of the Bush administrating which grossly miscalculated the engineering and aeronautical capability of the Shia dominant Iran. (Recently the US had raised a lot of hue and cry about the possible fake missile launch by Iran). I'll bet my bottom paisa of the ever-appreciating rupee that the US is praying that this launch turns out to be fake as well.

Another point that this launch has brought to attention is the fact that Bush and his 'Henchmen' would have been better-off plotting against Iran than Iraq who didn’t have a missile, at least with a rocket that could take to air. Alas! Here is Iran reaching for Space. I wonder Mr. Bush, Mr. Rumsfeld, Mr. Cheney Mr. Powell and Ms. Rice might be thinking. I am sure they regretting the billion of dollars that went into waging a war in Iraq when their biggest threat came from Iran, who spend the same time honing their ballistic and rocket technology.

In the end, 'The Axis of Evil' very much remains a reality, only this time the US after having deposed of Iraq, if you believe what the US has been saying about the threat of Iraq been nullified, in reality the US has in effect only managed to add a couple of more vertexes to the triangle and gave birth to, at least a list of competitors resembling the shape of a parallelogram, if not a pentagon or a hexagon? Pardon my stinking geometry.

A casing point towards this fact is North Korea recently rendering all peace instruments with South Korea void and has henceforth resorting to what could be loosely termed as aggressive posturing. But, the point remains that the threat or rather the competitors of US has only grown. Venezuela and Libya, the old enemy Cuba and Russia seem to discovered a greater voice after its relative economic boom, and seem to pose the biggest threat for the US, if not militarily then politically, challenging US policies and strategic maneuvering wherever it can. The Missile Shield Program of the US is certain to create some tensions in the future.

Mr. Bush, who you might have guessed by now I am not the greatest fan of has left President Obama with a whale of task and my only hope is that he Mr. Barack Obama spends more time in winning hearts and minds than wars unlike his predecessor!!! All the best Mr. Obama.

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