Monday, November 1, 2010

What You Mean to Me..........

If beauty had an allure, you are its personification.
If life had a reason to spawn, you are its sustenance.
If god had a purpose in the consciousness, you are its conviction.
If melody has a rhythm, you are its most lyrical beat.
If holiness has a spiritual calm to it, you gave it providence.
If nature had a balance, you fill it with sanctity.
If truth had no equal, you give it credibility.
If diamonds are forever, you give it the glitter.
If conscious is clear, you give it its voice.
If motion is energy, you give it the right direction.
If living is learning, you make it discernible.
If democracy is fair, you give it a reality.
If love is life, you fill it with romance.
If my life has a reason, you are its most beautiful proof.

Note: These stanzas are my testimony to those who have felt love and eloquote this feeling into text. If you have something better and would like to add, gladly do so!!! I am all ears. Correction, all eyes!!!! :) Till then, spread love brothers and sisters!!! We can never have enough of it!! By the way, this is my 300th post. Yippeeee!!!!

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