Monday, November 8, 2010

President Obama's Visit to India - Short Synopsis

So far President Obama has been brutally honest as to his views on India-US relations, which I must say is a refreshing and assuring change from the rhetorical Clinton or the paradoxical Bush. That doesnt mean he'll be good for India or anyone else for that matter, but atleast we'll knw what's coming and prepare for the challenges alone if need be, which we are more than capable of doing!!

So, Mr. Obama, your honesty is appreciated but it's no longer about what 'you can' anymore. It's more about what you did and how you did it!! Anyway, thanks for the nice moves on the Koli number. But so far, that has been the highlight of your visit. However, I am still all ears for your exemplary oratory skills but with some positive connotations as far as India and the Subcontinent as a whole is concerned!

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