Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Growth and Me….???

Everyone I know is obsessed with success and growth,
willing to go to any length to realize this solemn oath.

Many are driven to realize this growth at any expense,
Pursuing an invisible façade without any whims or pretense.

But many are misguided to what growth really means,
What it represents and the reason for its aura and alluring sheen,

Growth may vary from material gains to emotional solace,
Ranging from appreciation of work to owing a pristine palace.

It could be as simple as finding internal peace and calmness of the mind,
Or manifest into desires of conquering the world and ruling every kind.

Growth has the potential to script life’s greatest blockbuster,
Or turn everyday life into an out of control rollercoaster.

It is crucial to realize and appreciate what growth truly means to each,
If not it could turn into a growth where happiness is unfaithfully out of reach.


Madhu Nair said...

True...dis is one thing we know for sure....! Growth has got an entirely different meaning in today's world!

lost_scotoma said...

Awesomeness is the word!


Thanks guys!!!

Ramakant Salian said...

Nice one...