Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shakti Shetty - An enigma, a true talent; but a friend above all!!!!

Many of us might have heard the proverb, ‘A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,’ made famous by Winston Churchill. When I think of Shakti even today, that’s a saying that
keeps coming back to me. Although I have known him for some
time, I still have not been able to completely understand him.

He was the first person I was fortunate enough to know when I joined as a new employee in our previous Company, and he still
remains as mysterious and unpredictable, but a darling for all of us nonetheless. I hope he doesn’t mind me calling me that though.

Now, coming back to why I nominated him for Morningstar Got Talent. Firstly, he is an encyclopaedia or even a Wikipedia (Shakti’s favourite reference tool) of knowledge. He has indepth knowledge about almost everything that we would ever care to know and ask, but only more. Your questions will sometimes find it hard to keep pace with his answers. Just trust me on this. I say this from firsthand experience. His passion of knowledge, information and the drive to constantly keeping himself abreast of all the latest events and updates is almost insatiable and undoubtedly inspiring. You can see him constantly peering at the computer screen for hours, which for most of us seem too much, but he seems to love it.

Wait, that’s not it. We haven’t got to the best part yet. He is somewhat of an icon of sorts in the world of Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and whatnot. To just give you a rough estimate of his penchant and forte in the web – he has over 30,000 tweets to his credit and many of his Facebook pals rise and sleep by either liking or commenting on this latest updates. For those that prefer detailed expression and not be limited by brevity of microblogging and status messages, he has carved out a niche for himself in the world of bloggers. Am a fan myself to be honest.

Stepping outside the world of knowledge and the web, his area of expertise delves into the world of sports and social causes as well. A keen sports enthusiast with interest ranging from Football to Tennis to Cricket to F1 among other sports, and a statistical guru in his own right, he is a pretty good footballer and a distinguished chess player. He also considers himself a pretty good singer, which I agree to some extend but not entirely. He can sing in at least three languages if not more and does a fair job at it. He is a passionate about social causes, including freedom, liberty and equality. He cares for the environment and his love and pride for India is second to none. Always up for a healthy debate and constructive discussion, he is a real livewire, but only if he is interested, which is not as often as you would like.

Although he is not perfect and has his fair share of things to improve on, he is an apt example of Morningstar’s Got Talent. I wish him all the best and I can vouch for the fact that he is will be an overachiever in the not too distant future and will soon realize his true potential. So, folks, don’t be surprised if you hear the name Shakti Shetty doing the rounds. You rock dude.

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