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Making This New Year Special and Unique

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The time of Christmas and New Year is always filled with unperturbed merriment and inhibited frolicking. It's time when everyone is more concerned about what would be the most happening hangouts, the best gift, the best dress and greatest party in the City. Well, the logical question then would be, what else then? Aren't we all concerned about the same things?

Hitherto, after having been there and done that, have you ever considered what could be the most novel way in which you could spend your New Year this year that would be world apart from what you have normally done over the past years? Don't you wish to make this New Year reflect a different panache and revel in the pure, adulterated pleasure that is more satiating than anything that you have ever planned? What according to you would give you the greatest amount of satisfaction that you have felt in quite a lot of time or maybe ever?

Well, come on, let's together explore what are the most fulfilling and unique ways in which you can spend the New Year and still get the maximum out of it.

Go Out And Help The Needy 

Have you ever gifted something to someone in need and have felt goose bumps run up your spine or have you felt the joy on someone's face when you have fulfilled his or her wishes and gave them something they hadn't expected before. Let me assure you, this is a pleasure that is one of the most gratifying feelings you are ever likely to experience. If you want an awe-inspiring moment that lasts a lifetime and wish for the feel-good factor to persist like an eternal hangover, then just go out and help the needy and the destitute and feel the most pulsating high you could feel.

It could be as simple as giving away your used stuff to the nearby children home or the centre for the homeless and the destitute, to just spending time with the patrons of the old age home who only need someone to talk to. You could also go to a specialty wing of a hospital and spend time with the terminally ill or patients recouping from serious operations and play Santa for them and be a friend in need. In the end, remember, sharing is caring. Get out there, be selfish and feel good about the good that you are doing and let this pride last a lifetime.

Be The Best Gift For Someone Special

Over the years we accumulate a lot of grudges and malice against a lot of people, even sometimes against those you are very close to. This means that the differences between you and them have only grown over the years and now these distances seems just too far to bridge. It could be your friend, family, neighbour, colleague, acquaintance or even your X that was once dear to you, but who have drifted away from you, maybe even without your realization. Why don't you go and be the New Year gift that this person could never have expected. Don't you think that the surprise on their face and the twinkle in their eyes at the sight of you in front of them would be worth all the effort and make it all worthwhile. Imagine the surprise of an aging family or an ailing friend or a grieving college, a childhood companion long thought lost, or just someone who is all good but misses you like no tomorrow. Just go for it and relish the magical instant that this encounter could bless you with. Some beautiful memories are in store if you just show the desired courage and the necessary intent.

Do Something That You Always Wanted To But Couldn't 

There are many things that one wants to do, but owing to many reasons we are just too hesitant to do it. It could be anything that you truly believe is important and truly defines you that has been left undone which has created a void. These things could vary from things like going bungee to telling that someone special how much you love them and what they mean to you to telling your father that although you couldn’t tell him, he has always been your hero, telling your mother she is greatest cook ever or confessing to you sister she is the joy of your life to telling your best friend, he has done more for you than you have ever cared to admit and life was incomplete without him.

Go for a drive around the City without worrying about office tomorrow and the rising fuel prices, enjoy great food and a couple of drinks at your favourite joint without wondering how much it sets you back by with no care of the price list on the menu and just living the moment and having a, “Yes I Lived” moment. It could also be just telling your neighbourhood policeman or your watchman or even the maid what a wonderful job he or she is doing all the while just feeling splendid about it. Just jog your memories and make a list of these things and try your best at accomplishing it the best you can. However my friends, do whatever it maybe, but make sure you are not hurting yourself or bothering anyone in the process. Remember, it’s about spreading the joy and making sure others share the same happiness that you are or want to.

Repent Your Mistakes and Make Good

Whoever has said it takes a lot of courage to accept your mistakes and ask for forgiveness has got it absolutely correct. It takes a huge heart to admit you got it wrong and atone for it with dignity. This wrong could be against any man or against God himself. It would be the ideal time to make good with one and all and not let it weigh on your inner sanctity. Why don’t you make it a point this year to backtrack on the wrongs of earlier and set it right and make it a New Year where you swipe your slate clean and start afresh with an invigorated conscious and a refreshed mind-set that truly sets you on your way to greater and bigger things all the while just feeling magnificent about it.

Support Humanity And Endorse Life

There is nothing nobler than playing a part, no matter how small, in savings someone’s life and making a difference when it is a life and death scenario. Why not be the messiah reincarnated or even god himself manifested for that someone that you helped live longer, stronger or better. You could make a big difference in someone’s life by donating your blood or officially enlisting yourself as an organ donor. You could also help by making yourself available whenever there is a serious crunch of manpower during natural calamities or public relief efforts and associating yourself with causes that are targeted at the betterment of the public and the society at larger. This New Year, commit yourself to a cause that truly deserves a helping hand and is something that has a definite and long-lasting impact on the less fortunate people out there.

I am sure there are much more that we could come up with that would be unique in every aspect of the word, but the most important thing is having the desire and the single-minded determination to make it happen. I encourage all of you share your ideas on it and let others amongst us be enlightened as to how they could make this New Year and the many days after that,  "Special and Unique," and not be limited by the confines of letters and speeches alone.

I encourage you to also share with me what you think about the topic of the article and your suggestions and feedbacks as it is you who drives us on. This is The Commoner for SatliteRaaga signing off till we meet again on Ciao!!


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