Thursday, January 5, 2012

When innovation is a passion, excellence is routine

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Innovation is the buzzword in our world where one moment of genius has the power to influence the world. The case in point being your Google to Facebook to Apple, who are all tethered in a fight for that eureka instant that might mean billions of dollars and has the potential to impact millions of lives. There are numerous examples that one could state that proves that mankind has always been driven in pursuit of that giant leap in knowledge and understanding that catapults it decades into the future. It is this pursuit that truly defines us and gives us hope for something better and greater.
 Now, how is this innovation made possible? Does it happen at regular intervals and was it always meant to happen? Not really. Innovation happens when the right conditions for it to spawn and prosper are put in place. It manifests from needs, wants and desires brought on by the belief that what we have now is not merely good enough, that the search of perfection is insatiable and constant.

It is also important to understand that innovation and breakthroughs don't happen in random and haphazardly. Rather, it requires time, patience, a dice of absolute brilliance sometimes aided by sheer luck to pull it off. Innovation is often borne out of inspiration gained from something you felt or experienced for yourself or by someone whom you have idolized for a lifetime or just happened to meet by chance.

No matter how you have been impacted by innovation and technological breakthroughs, either by being affected by it personally or being its greatest exponent or loyalist, it needs to be nurtured and supported for it to be truly effective.

One of the biggest display of innovative brilliance and an epitome of how it is promoted by a dedicated, passionate and brilliantly close knit unit is IIT Bombay's Techfest which is Asia's biggest and greatest technology and science festival where the past, present and future masters of innovation and leadership come together for a three day extravaganza that truly has set the benchmark for how the academia, corporates and the society come together to create something truly special.

Great Leaders like Abdul Kalam have graced Techfest, including a number of Nobel Laureates, eminent and reputed entrepreneurs, social, spiritual and business stalwarts who have set the stage alight and have done wonders to the knowledge and confidence of the students, visitors and the general populace at large. Management gurus and corporate bigwigs have come to both inspire and be inspired by the efficiency and the meticulous precision by which everything has been put together by the students themselves that has created a breeding ground for innovation par excellence.

This event has been supported by one of the biggest corporate in India and abroad over the years. Last year's sponsor were Tata DoCoMo who again were set to sponsor this year until being scuttled and muscled out of the way by the international beverage major, Aje Group, the manufacturers of the popular Big Cola and Oro brands. Speaking about the reason behind their sponsorship of Techfest 2012, Kranti khanderkar, Marketing Manager of Aje Group India said, "Promoting young talent is something that Aje Group strongly believes in and as a new entrant in the Indian market, we felt we needed to make a big impact among the masses and Techfest gives us that opportunity. We want to play our part to groom the great minds that's brimming with energy and ideas but also making use of this platform to connect with youngsters on a more direct basis." She also added that Aje Group was also working with various schools and colleges in Navi Mumbai and promoting sports and education with the ultimate aim of providing the best grounding for future leaders and model citizens as Navi Mumbai is the place it all began for the Company in India.

Techfest is an example where all the stakeholders of our society have come together to celebrate the greatness of the human spirit and have collaborated so wonderfully towards a common theme of continuous improvement.

I, The Commoner, would appeal to one and all to make use of this wonderful opportunity to witness what the wiz kids of today and the tech gurus of tomorrow have in store for us. I would urge great participation from my beloved City of Navi Mumbai. Go visit Techfest 2012 to unequivocally make your presence felt in many more ways than one. Watch this space for the follow-up article on Techfest 2012. So, stay tuned to Hubbrz amigos, there is much more to come. Ciao for now!!!!


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