Monday, January 7, 2008

Let's support team INDIA and our BHAJJI!!!

Indian should never accept the sentence that has been handed out by the match referee. If we do, it will be easier for us, but Harbhajan will have to live with this tag, that of a racist sports person for a very long time. It is time for all of us to rally behind the team and make sure that justice is delivered.

The transcript of what exactly transpired in the hearing has to be made public. Only an open forum which leaves no room for rumors, half truth and whole lies and speculations can guarantee that this issue is buried for well and good. if we sit back and be a mere spectator it will set a wrong precedent and we will be regretting our actions in the days and years to come. Let the world know what happened behind the closed doors in Sydney.

If the authorities don't relent, its time we brink back our boys.

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